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  • Individual maps for sport events
  • Instant orientation for participants
  • Planning tools for organizers

Sports events with a plan

Whether it is a map-based web-application, an app with its own icon, or a tool for event-planning and organization. placeit offers a wide variety of functions to create and present maps. For the event, for the various planning tasks, as a comprehensive information platform for suppliers, participants, or residents. It is easy to create special maps for special occasions.

And the clou is: Turnkey solutions are available as templates for individual extension.

Use case: Allgäu-Triathlon

We started placeit for sports events at the Allgäu-Triathlon in 2018. Using our interactive map application participants, visitors, and organizers could easily access the courses of all three disciplines as well as event-specific relevant information. What’s the direction? Where’s the finish? And where’s will the award ceremony take place? These are only a few of the various pieces of information, which placeit will again present in 2019.


Flexible and open: Individual or turnkey for your own development:
Whether as a map-based web-applicatiom, an app with its own icon, or as a tool for planning and organization. placeit offers a wide variety of functions to quickly and easily create interactive maps for an event, a digital platform for participants or supporters, or a comprehensive overview for residents. Furhtermoree ach placeit-site is able to create special maps the the various needs during a sports event.

And the clou is: Turnkey solutions and templates for individual development are an integral part of placeit.

Optimized for smartphones, tablets, and PCs: placeit integrates your support team on the course!

Organizers, guests, visitors, participants, or supporters have universal access to all information. Since placeit bundles information in one single location, the possibilities for information interchange are limitless. Of course always according to security constraints. This way crucial information on the course is directly delivered to everybody who needs to know. And your support team can easily access placeit using QR-codes on their smartphones.

Easy cloud solution: Your web browser as control center!

Each piece of data is captured directly via the web browser. Within minutes you can create interactive general plans, course information, or or special maps containing a variety of texts, images, and video streams. Routes are either painted directly on the screen using your mouse or uploaded as GPS-data from your smartphone.

And of course placeit supports all modern data formats like GeoJSON, GPX, or KML for data-exchange or data-import.

Inform clearly, plan easily: map-based, interactive, and flexible!

placeit bundles all relevant information, digital general maps and planning tools lead to comprehensive overview. Before, during, and after the event: Easy to customize user interfaces and flexible access rights help to make placeit universally usable – whether as map-based web application for participants or as fully fledged toolkit for the planning of your next event.

Automatic localization and social geo-platform!

placeitcreates user participation in real time. Use placeit as a platform for your users to share their impressions directly via smartphone. This way placeit becomes a social geo-platform which establishes completely new possibilities for events and organizers. The localization function of placeit helps to keep the individual impressions to the right place – it’s placeit.

Be independent: The offline version keeps placeit up and running even without the mobile network!

Even without access to the mobile network placeit keeps delivering. Using modern web-technology we have given our application true offline functionality. Use placeit on your smartphone or on your tablet literally everywhere. And it will synchronize with its placeit database once the network access is restored.


Entry – up to 1000 participants

Annual right to use: 500 Euro

  • One event per year
  • Predefined templates Templates
  • Editor’s module
  • Standard maps based on OSM

Basic – up to 2000 participants

Annual right to use: 1500 Euro

  • Two events per year
  • Predefined templates Templates
  • Editor’s module
  • Standard maps based on OSM
  • Additional media types

Extended – up to 3000 participants

Annual right to use 2500 Euro

  • Three events per year
  • Predefined templates
  • Editor’s module
  • Standard maps based on OSM
  • Additional media types

Premium – more than 3000 participants

Annual right to use: 5000 Euro

  • Ten events per year
  • Predefined templates
  • Editor’s module
  • Standard maps based on OSM
  • Additional media types
  • Personalization

All prices are for end users. For agencies there are special prices – we are looking forward to your request.

All prices are net. VAT has to be addes. Please consult our terms of business.

We gladly answer your individual requests. Please contact us.

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Ob vor, während oder nach dem Event: placeit informiert Teilnehmer, Besucher und Organisatoren über alle Details.


Aktives Golfen, interaktives Planen: placeit erzeugt einfach Karten für Ihren Platz und hilft bei der Orientierung.


Reisen weltweit: Mit placeit können Reiseveranstalter, Teilnehmer und Organisatoren Karten erzeugen, Eindrücke teilen und Landausflüge vorbereiten.


Alles nach Plan: placeit stellt Daten und Informationen zum Event bereit. Für jeden Zweck und alle berechtigten Personen.


Informatiom, Orientierung, Besucherlenkung: Mit placeit machen Sie Ihren Campus einfach zugänglich. Mit Texten, Bildern und Videos. Und Sie halten die Informationen stets aktuell.


Ob Wandern, Shopping oder individuelle Tipps: placeit sorgt dafür, dass sich Ihre Gäste vom ersten Augenblick zu Hause fühlen.